Helping Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients Find Professional Compassion Caregivers
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Medical Marijuana Caregiver

Accepting New Patient
(Waterford, MI area)

Call for details:  (248) 238-6394

Many potent cannabis hybrid strains to help patients with different types of medical conditions.

 Holistic advice and information

Experienced, discrete, compassionate and respectful of patient privacy

Grade A Meds are delivered to Primary Care Patients in the privacy of their home or at a local coffee shop or restaurant by Primary Caregiver

Marihuana is organic but hydroponic meds are optionally  offered occasionally for added variety

MMMP Compassion Caregiver who operates within the law

Grade A Medical Marijuana is grown in secure growing environments that are free of mold, pests and animals

Rick Simpson Oil AKA cannabis oil and medibles

Help Change Marijuana Laws!

Quit Complaining About Our Marijuana Laws and Fight For Your Right To Use Cannabis!


Patient's Marijuana

Promoting positive change for the freedoms, confidentiality
and safety of Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients and Caregivers.

Patient's Marijuana, MMMP Caregiver:

Patient's Marijuana Caregiver Services are offered in strict accordance with the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act of 2008, and within the guidelines set forth for this program by the Michigan Department of Community Health.  I do not sell marijuana or marihuana.

 What type of medical marijuana is best for you?

Cannabis Causes Chilling Effect On The World
I believe that concentrates or extracts from Cannabis, such as the Rick Simpson Oil, RSO, could change the world by saving millions of cancer patients lives in addition to helping millions of others who are suffering from health problems such as epilepsy, arthritis, MS, crohn's disease as well as many others, (see Recent Research on Medical Marijuana.

  • Why doesn't major world governments, such as the United States, openly acceptance to the truth about medicinal cannabis?
  • If people could grow and use cannabis, wouldn't there be a reduction in health care costs?
  • Would people live too long?
  • Could there be global over population problems?
  • Would there be too many health care professionals?
  • Do you think there'd be a lot less people needing pills with bad side effects?
There's many questions like these to consider when pondering why cannabis is being kept from the people.  

In my opinion, the world's major nations governments do not want the people to be able to cure themselves.  it would cause a chilling effect on the world's economy to say the least.   How can they live with themselves, this should be a top priority!

Think about it folks... I posted a poll on a forum, consider adding your opinions and posting your views and comments pertaining to why the world governments are keeping the truth about medical marijuana from us.

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